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Reliable, Patient & Trustworthy.
iPhones, iPads, Macs, iCloud Email, Wifi, Printers
Web & Graphics, Photo, Video, Podcast, Social Media & More

Standard Rate: $125/hour  (non-members)
VIP Concierge Rate: $75/hour (members)

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Mike Murphy

Tech Handyman, Murphy Concierge

Hi. I’m Mike Murphy. I’m 48 and live in a small cottage 2 blocks from the beach in Old Naples. I do not own a car or a suit. I walk or ride my bike or Vespa everywhere. I like Guinness, good music, and watch the sunset nearly every night while taking photos, making videos, and doing Instagram Stories.

Tech Explorer: I am a podcaster, designer, blogger, tutorial maker, photo and video guy and I never stop learning or sharing my knowledge. Someone once described me as The MacGuyver of Tech and it was the greatest compliment ever!

Murphy Concierge is Simple:  If your iPhone, iPad, Mac is acting up, or WiFi is now working, or printer cartridges need changing, or you just want a lesson on how to use your iMac or Amazon Alexa, Facebook/Instagram… Call Mike.
My clients tend to be retirees (60+) and independent business owners. 

Murphy Concierge is located in the heart of Old Naples, FL.



I Help People Figure Things Out. 📱


10th Avenue South
Naples, FL 34102

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239 595 6193
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Murphy Concierge | Pricing

VIP Concierge Support (Members)

🤳The Concierge VIP Plan is for peace of mind and convenience.  Think of it like Apple Care. You don’t always like the upfront expense, but sure glad you have it when something goes wrong. I created Murphy Concierge to give people a safety net and direct line to me for tech support. I’ve been in the service business my entire life and I’m a tech nerd who lives and breathes this stuff.  Nothing makes me happier than showing someone how to do something on their iPhone or syncing their contacts, or the holy grail, getting someone to actually understand what ‘iCloud’ is 🤓.

Concierge members get priority scheduling and guaranteed service within 24 hours. You have tech support 24/7 and get unlimited free email help. This plan was created so I could limit the number of clients I take and maintain the highest level of service for my VIP clients who want someone reliable and trustworthy to show up at their home or office when things go wrong or to just learn a thing or two.

Home or Office/Unlimited Email Support/Family & Guests Included

$75 /hr.

Annual Membership $1188

Standard Rate (Non-Members)

No Annual Membership Fee. A la carte pricing is available if you do not want to join the Concierge VIP Program or just want the occasional help. You get fast and reliable service, but VIP members do get priority scheduling, so service within 24-hours is not guaranteed to Non-Members. Email support is available but is billable time.

Troubleshooting/Fixes/Training & Workshops

$125 /hr.

No Annual Fee | A La Carte

Happy Clients

Hello Mike, Thank you for all you have done to coordinate our iPhones, our iPads, and our Mac computers. It is wonderful to have them all working in sync with each other. Your business card says you are reliable, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. You have all of those attributes, and more. It is truly a pleasure to work with you. And, best of all — — — we have been able to avoid having to go to the dreaded Naples AppleStore!!

Thanks for all you have done, Mike. Jan and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

The very best to you,

Dick Shafner

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My Skills

My comfort foods are Apple devices and Adobe Creative Cloud. I have a creative and curious mind.

  • iPhones, iPads, Macs
  • Amazon Alexa Setup
  • Wifi, Printers, General Tech
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, etc)
  • Photography and Video
  • Gmail & G Suite for Business
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Online Marketing & Social Media
  • Podcasting

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